I check the mail daily, even when I know nothing will be there. Not even bills anymore. Everything’s electronic, even my privacy – where did I place that again? Oh, yes, the internet. Well, dear internet, here is my weekly wrap-up of all the police reports, potential jail times, and arrest charges I covered this week. And, because we have no private life here, a bit about my family adventures as well.

It’s a blood bath: The U. S. Desert has more hours of community service, probation, cuts, altercations, than Calif.

Granny up in arms: The English newspaper and AP both report that last Saturday night a 62-year-old mother was given misdemeanor charges of domestic violence and battery.

You know this one- just a cheeky update: A man handcuffed in bondage to judge’s rear driver’s side car door after his private life was shown in the light of day by a very public Twitter account.

One Tweet states, “there is no private life for public figures.” While a different take offered up by the office’s small handful of friends reports that, ‘one bad day shouldn’t open the door for the world to abuse his profession.”

Now for a few of my solid pieces:

Man Shot After Verbal Altercation in St. John County

A man was shot Friday after an argument escalated in St. John County, Fla.
The men involved, 38-year-old veteran Arnold Watson and the unnamed victim were engaged in a verbal altercation about 6:38 p.m. in the 2410 block of La Quinta Street, Florida police said. The younger man shot the other in the abdomen after the argument escalated. He was taken to Victories Medical Center where his condition stabilized.

Watson was taken into custody at the St. Johns County Jail. Area officers are investigating.

Ponte Verde Police Department Releases New Database for Performance Scores

The St Johns County Sheriff’s department revealed a new data portal on Thursday. This portal is part of the public domain and will allow the Associated Press, reporters, prosecutors, or any person requesting more details, access as a matter of public record, to track and analyze stats as they relate to the use of force by officers.

The data goes back 12-months and is broken down by several criteria, including arrest report, arresting deputy, operator, rights, transcripts, material, kind of story, health problems, personal issues, family life, arguments, charges, court date, offense report, arresting officer, documents, jail, lawyers, attack, jail sentence, incident reports, allegations, altercations, patrol car, probable cause, terms, laws, probationary period, situation, attorney, dispatcher, statement, matter, account, domestic violence, result, type, prosecution agreement, police reports, County court, visible injuries, conditions of the agreement, mental health evaluation, case, argument, and trial. So basically a lot of things.

“We know how important closure is when creating a complete agreement on our ability to treat an unfortunate situation,” Ponte Verde Beach PD Supt. Lucas Feherty said in a statement. “For the first time, we are also encouraged that our poor rankings have been given a shot at a good performance in the court of public perception. We hope the public is able to see that the dashboard reflects our ongoing commitment to de-escalating explosive situations, battery, substance abuse, domestic violence charges, and force whenever possible.”

This is the third round of performance allegations from St. John’s County. For the sake of our children and people’s private lives, we hope this new chapter is symbol of new beginnings and will support the whole story of public figures, eliminating confusion.

The collection and publication of the reports and charges are required under the judicial system.

The overwhelming majority were related to private matters in which a mother, wife, ex-wife, or husband yells at police, according to the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Report

The debut of the database comes after months of silence and a messy emotional period for families. Last May, after the Police Gun Altercation (PGA) and Cops Get Shot stories, the Florida ST JOHNS COUNTY SHERIFF and Seventh Judicial Circuit Court have taken the high road with vows to end the irate reports.

Account of My Day
As for me – after dropping my kids off at school- I had to swing by FedEx and submit my daughter’s University applications, and clean out my car (kids can sure destroy a back seat, can’t they)?

Then, I made the rounds, cleaning my home room by room until it was void of all signs of actual life, lol at least until my kids got home from school.

I spent a lot of time organizing an old chest filled with photos from Mother’s Day weekend, Walt Disney World resort and the old rental house we had nearby, and my high school sweetheart (don’t tell my husband, Jason;) ),

The end of my day was spent shuffling my kids to after school golf lessons. My daughter is an afid reader, so her and I stayed in the car during my son’s lessons. Just two girls being their intellectual selves.

It’s been difficult for Jason and me to find time together. His career is in the mental health industry, and he is about to end his tour with Dell on the effects pancreatic cancer has on conditions of mental health patients for the rest of their lives. Obviously, we could both use a beautiful couples night away from our jobs, lol.
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